Tips for distance learning

with Ocean School

Are you using Ocean School for distance learning with your students? Follow the tips in this article to ensure smooth sailing.

  1. You don’t need to log in! Use the module guides for links to the content.

Explore our module guides in the Help Centre to quickly find content for your class!

The tables have descriptions of the content, and links to the media and activities. Share these links with your students for a simple, login-free experience!

Check out our module guides.

2. Check out the Learn from home page!

If you’re looking for ready-made playlists of content, the Learn from home page is for you! There’s a video and activity for every day of the week.

No login is required, and the videos are hosted on YouTube so students can watch on phones and on slower internet connections.

The Learn from home page is a selection of our favourite media and activities.

If you have feedback to share, please visit:

3. Did you know? We're on YouTube!

We're adding our videos to YouTube, and many are already available!

Check out our YouTube channel for easy viewing.

4. Share activities easily with Google Slides!

Ocean School’s activities are built with Google Slides, so they’re easy to share and edit. You can use the sharing feature in Google Slides to allow students to collaborate in documents.

If your students need PowerPoint or PDF versions, you can download them from the module guides!

5. If you're browsing on the platform, please don’t add people to your crew!

When students log in, they have the option to make a crew or add crew members to their team.

For the distance learning context, we recommend that each student browse on their own.

Ask each student to browse using their own one-person crew.

6. Stay tuned!

We’re excited to share that we’ll be launching our new and improved Ocean School experience in 2022. The new experience will feature searchable content, closed captioning, and described video! Plus, it will be mobile-friendly!

For more information, read Get started for educators.