Navigating Ocean School

Welcome to Ocean School!

Read this guide to learn how to get around a module in Ocean School.

Select a module

When you log in to Ocean School, click through the gallery to browse through the available modules.

Click Get Started to open the module.

Module map

Click the burger menu for quick access to other units, modules, or lines of inquiry.

Click Take Action to launch the Call to Action video for this module.

Each Ocean School module features a location and multiple lines of inquiry.

Click a buoy to see the focus question for that line of inquiry. Click Dive in to access the content.

Click the flag to access the Inquiry Tools. Click Dive in to access the content.

Line of inquiry

Scroll down to see all the media associated with this line of inquiry.

Learners can navigate freely through the content. There is no fixed learning path through a module.

If a piece of media is greyed out, then it must be unlocked by completing another piece of media.

Check your module guide to see which media are locked to others.

For more information, read "What kinds of media are in Ocean School?"

Click the pin to return to the module map.

Pairing devices

Crowding around a single screen can be difficult.

Crew members can sync their devices when viewing content. Syncing your devices will do different things depending on the type of media.

Syncing a video will play the video on your mobile or tablet.

Syncing an interactive experience like Bay Watch will launch a VR experience on your mobile or tablet.

To sync your device:

    1. Visit the link

    2. Draw the unlock pattern on the device.

    3. Click I’m finished.

If you do not need to sync your devices, click Continue without pairing.


The media displays directly in the browser.

For 360° video, click and drag on the screen to change the viewing angle.

The ‘Magic Window’ will allow you to view 360 content on a mobile device without a headset.

Move and rotate the tablet or phone to change the viewing angle.

Note - If you are using Safari on an iPad or iPhone to view a 360 video or VR experience, you will need to adjust your browser settings to allow motion tracking. For more information, see our Troubleshooting guide.

Click the water column icon to return to the line of inquiry.

Go to activity

When the video or interactive is done, click Go to activity to open the activity document(s).

It may take a few seconds for the activity to load. A loading icon will appear.

An activity will open in a new tab.

Related content

When you are finished completing the activity, return to the “oceanschool” tab in your browser. Next, click Continue to related content.

You can choose to view the related content, as well as any new unlocked pieces of media.

Click Return underwater to return to the line of inquiry.

Click the pin to return to the module map.