Managing your

Ocean School class

I am using Google Classroom™

Create a class

Find out how to create your class in Ocean School with Google Classroom™.

Create a Class with Google Classroom

Using your Class dashboard

The Class dashboard is the place where you can manage your Ocean School class.

Educator Space Dashboard with Google Classroom

Customizing activities

All of the activities and reflections are provided in a folder in your Google Drive. You are free to modify, change or repurpose any of them. To guarantee that all students receive the updated version of an activity, modify the document(s) before beginning the module with your class.

For more information, go to Customizing Ocean School activities.

Inviting students to Ocean School

All ready to get started? Go to the the Educator Space and click Invite my students.

Your students will receive a Welcome to Ocean School assignment in Google Classroom.

For more information about the student experience, read The student experience below.

Invite Students with Google Classroom

The student experience

Review the student experience from getting the Welcome to Ocean School assignment in Google Classroom to submitting their first assignment.

The student onboarding experience with Google Classroom

Access student work

Review how to access student work when using Ocean School with Google Classroom™.

To see how students turn in their assignments, please read Submitting an assignment.

Accessing student work

About Google Classroom’s co-teaching features

At this time, Ocean School does not support Google Classroom’s co-teaching features. With Ocean School, only one teacher can manage a class in Google Classroom. Classes are not transferable to other teachers.