Get started

5 steps to implement Ocean School in your class

Step 1: Log in and explore Ocean School

Click through the website and explore the media.

Check out the Educational resources to learn about the key concepts and student activities available on Ocean School.

When you're ready to set up your classroom, complete Step 2 to register as an educator and create your Ocean School class.

Step 2: Create your Ocean School class

On the Dashboard, click Create a new class.

With Ocean School only one teacher can manage a class. Classes are not transferable to other teachers.

Create a Class without Google Classroom

Click on the image to start the slideshow.

Step 3: Invite your students to create an NFB account

First, send your students to to create an NFB account.

Make sure your students click the link in the confirmation email to complete their NFB registration.

Note - The confirmation email can take several minutes to arrive.

We recommend creating accounts a day before the first Ocean School lesson you have planned.

Invite students without Google Classroom

Step 4: Invite your students to Ocean School using your unique Class URL

Share your Class URL with your students.

Ask your students to bookmark this URL and use it every time they visit Ocean School for class.

For more information about the student experience, read The student onboarding experience.

Class URL without Google Classroom

Step 5: Create crews

Ocean School is designed for students to work together in small groups (crews).

Crew members navigate the platform and unlock media together.

Students must create their crews the first time that they log in.

If you are not comfortable with students choosing their own crews, you may want to plan crew membership ahead of time.

Students can also work individually — just make one crew per student. Note that you will need more devices (1:1 ratio) and that some of the interactive apps require collaboration.

For more information, read Managing crews.

To create a crew:

  1. Ask one student from each crew to visit the Class URL provided in your class dashboard, located in the Educator Space. That student should then log in using their NFB account.

  2. All members of a crew must now log in on the same device to create their crew. After the crew is set up, the students will be able to log in on multiple devices.

  3. The crew members should work together to name the crew and create a flag.