Ocean School activities

When should I customize activities?

Customize or add documents to the media folders before you begin a module with your class. The updated documents will be shared with your students.

Only the document that has the same name as the piece of media will open automatically from the platform.

The image below illustrates an example of the folder structure for an Adventure.

Where do I find the activities to customize?

All of the activities and reflections are provided in a folder that you download to your Google Drive.

Inside your Classroom folder on Google Drive, your Ocean School class will contain a folder for the adventure that you selected. This is the Master folder for your class.

You are free to modify, change or repurpose any of the content, but you must not change the document names.

To ensure the platform and Google Classroom remain integrated, please follow these golden rules:

  • Do not change the folder location. The folder tree inside each folder must respect the hierarchy of the platform:

Adventure > Module > Line of Inquiry > Media.

  • Do not rename or move any of these folders.

  • There must be at least one folder with the same name as the adventure (e.g., "North Atlantic") per classroom. If there are multiple folders with this name, the newest folder will be linked with your class URL.

  • You can rename, add, modify, and/or remove documents within a Media folder.

  • Do not change the sharing settings of the folders or activities.

Customize Activities with Google Classroom

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