Virtual reality in the classroom

What technology do I need?

Virtual reality lesson

New to 360 videos and VR? Try out our intro lesson with your class.

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Get started

Introducing VR for the first time to can take longer than you expect. We recommend the following:

    • Budget time to learn how to use the headset ahead of the lesson.

    • Try out some of the VR apps beforehand, so you are familiar with what your students will experience.

    • Demonstrate how to set up and focus the device to produce a clear image.

    • Create “AR/VR zones.” Section off an area in the room where VR and AR will be used.

    • AR works best on a table with space to walk around it.

    • Set some ground rules with your students using our guide below.

    • Discuss the potential intensity of immersive experiences with your students.

To help you get started, we’ve prepared a 1 hr Virtual reality introductory lesson.

Set ground rules

Set ground rules with your class to maintain a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

Consider posting these in the room.

Here are some suggested ground rules:

    • Only disturb the person using a VR headset to prevent an accident.

    • Take care of your crew! Keep track of the time and keep the VR player from bumping into things.

    • Take breaks! After 5 minutes using the headset, change roles to allow your crewmates a chance to try.

    • Share your experience! Tell your crew or buddy what you are seeing.

    • Keep an arm's length distance from the person using the VR headset so they can move freely.

    • Respect the devices!

      • Be gentle with the equipment.

      • When your turn is up, clean the headset and headphones.

      • Plug in your device to be charged.

Create a safe space for immersion

Students with sensory issues may need extra care. Those students requiring a one-on-one support worker should continue to have this person support them as they progress through immersive experiences.

Here are some additional tips to ensure your everyone enjoys a safe VR experience!

    • Limit play to 5-10 minutes to minimize risk of nausea, dizziness or eye strain.

    • Keep glasses on: most headsets will work with them.

    • Provide seating: some students may feel safer if seated in a swivel chair when using VR.