Where's Whaledo

App guide

Invite a virtual whale into your room, built to an amazing scale … In this experience, you will learn all about the right whale and the resident orca.


To try Where's Whaledo, you need to download the Ocean School iOS app from the Apple App Store. For help installing the app, please read How to use the Ocean School App.

Using the App

Open the app

  1. Open the Ocean School app.

  2. Choose your language.

  3. Choose the “Where’s Whaledo” experience from the main menu.

Set up the room

Now it is time to set up the room.

The whale is life-sized, so we recommend that you choose the largest room available to you.

Make sure your room is well lit.

Hold your iPad or iPhone at chest level.

Step 1

First, find the floor.

Scan an empty space on the floor by moving your device around. Yellow dots will appear.

If the room is not bright enough, the yellow dots will not appear. You may need to turn on the lights, or find a different place to stand.

This works best if your floor has nothing on it.

A blue rectangle will appear.

Step 2

Tap the blue rectangle. A pedestal will appear.

Lock the pedestal in place by tapping the checkmark.

Step 3

Now let’s find the corners of the room.

Move your device to position the marker in one of the corners of your room.


Repeat with the other three corners of your room. Try to make the shape of a square or rectangle, if you can.

A grid will appear once all four corners are defined.

Step 4

Now let’s find the ceiling.

Define the height of the room by turning your device towards the ceiling.

Tilt your device to move the marker up and down.

Tap CONFIRM HEIGHT to lock it in place.

The whale will appear to scale. It’s life-sized!

Step 5

Now you can use the arrows to position the whale where you want it.

Touch and drag along the green, red, and blue arrows to move the whale around.

You can also rotate the whale by swiping.

If parts of the whale are not visible, your room is smaller than the whale!

Try moving to a bigger room or to an outdoor space.

Reset the room

If something goes wrong while you are setting up the room, you can start over!

Tap on the menu icon, then select “Reset room”.

Learn more about Whaledo

Tap the buttons on the right side of the screen to try different features.

Here’s a description of what each button does.

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