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First, explore a model of the ROPOS. Next, recruit a partner! Pilot the ROPOS gathering deep-sea samples in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence!


To try Fly ROPOS, you need to download the Ocean School iOS app from the Apple App Store. For help installing the app, please read How to use the Ocean School App.


Are you ready for your very own underwater adventure?

Fly ROPOS has 2 parts.

In Part 1, you explore a model of an underwater robot: the ROPOS. You can do this by yourself, or with a partner.

In Part 2, you fly the ROPOS! You need a partner.

Your team will run a photo-transect survey! You will drive the ROPOS along a line called a “transect,” taking pictures along the way. When you see a cool specimen, drop a flag! Visit each flag, and use the claw to grab specimens for your biobox! Then, count the species in your photos.

Using the app

Part 1: Explore the ROPOS in AR

Check out a 3D model of the ROPOS!

You only need one person and one device to do this part.

Open the app

  1. Open the Ocean School app.

  2. Choose your language.

  3. Choose the “Fly ROPOS” experience from the main menu.

Explore the 3D model

Follow the directions in the app to place the augmented reality ROPOS on a table.

Tip: Clear some space so you can walk around the model.

  1. Point the device at a table.

  2. Yellow dots should appear when the app finds a flat area. If you don’t see the yellow dots, the room might be too dark.

  3. Drag the rectangle to move the ROPOS.

  4. Touch the lock in the upper left corner of the screen to lock the ROPOS in place.

  5. Touch and drag the screen to rotate the model.

  6. Touch different parts of the ROPOS to find out what they do.

Part 2: Fly the ROPOS

Fly the ROPOS!

You need two people and two devices to do this part.

With your partner, decide who will play each role.

  • The Captain will move the ROPOS around. They will play as the AR (augmented reality) Player.

  • The Operator will wear the VR (virtual reality) goggles and see what’s going on under the water. They will play as the VR Player.

You’re going to work together to explore the bottom of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Start a session

Captain (1):

Choose “Start session”.

A screenshot of the Ocean School Fly ROPOS app. Text reads "Begin Session" "Start Session" "Join Session" "Choose an action"

Operator (2):

Choose “Join session”.

Captain (1):

A QR code will appear on your screen.

Operator (2):

A QR scanner will appear on your screen.

Scan the captain’s QR code, then wait for the experience to load.

Choose a role

Captain (1):

Choose “AR PLAYER”.

Operator (2):

Choose “VR PLAYER” (once it is available).

Place the water cube

Captain (1):

Place the water cube on the table by following the instructions in the app.

Operator (2):

Put on your VR headset and look around.

You should see the control room.

Captain (1):

Touch the Launch button at the top of the water cube. The ROPOS will drop into the water!

If you don’t see the LAUNCH button, try looking WAY UP.

Operator (2):

Wait for the Captain to launch the ROPOS.

Enjoy the view!

Run a transect

You will fly the ROPOS along two transect lines: one on the sandy bottom of the gulf, and one on the cliff face.

The ROPOS automatically takes photos while it moves along the transect lines.

Once you start moving, you need to work together! When you see an interesting specimen, drop a flag! Later, you will come back to the flags to collect samples.

Captain (1):

Tap to select a transect line.

Tap the flag to mark a specimen collection point.

You can see what your partner sees in the bottom right corner. Tap the picture to see it in full screen.

Operator (2):

Watch the ROPOS video feed.

See something interesting? Tell the captain to drop a flag!

If the specimen is too far from your flag, the arms won’t be able to reach it, so drop the flag as fast as you can!

In the next part, you will go back to the flags to collect samples.

Explore further

After your first transect, you will see this menu.

Captain (1):

Choose “Collect specimen” to collect some samples using the robot arm.

Choose “New transect” to explore the other transect line.

Choose “Review transect photos” to see the photos that the ROPOS took along the way, and count the species!

Operator (2):

No action needed.

Collect specimens

Now, you’ll return to the locations that you marked with flags to gather specimens and samples.

Captain (1):

Tap the flags to move the ROPOS from place to place.

Work with the Operator to grab some samples!

Try to collect all of the species you see!

Operator (2):

Work with the Captain to grab some samples!

Look at the claw button to activate the ROPOS arms.

Look at an object to select it. It should turn green.

Captain (1):

When the Operator has selected a specimen, tap the claw button to grab it.

Now the Operator can put the specimen in the biobox.

Operator (2):

Look at the biobox button to drop the object into the box.

Review transect photos

Captain (1):

Tap “Review transect photos” to see the photos that the ROPOS took on your transect!

Touch a species at the top to start counting. Tap on the corresponding specimen to count it.

You can learn more about these species in the Fly ROPOS species guide.

Operator (2):

Take off your headset.

Review the transect photos with the captain!

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Fly ROPOS - Species guide

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Using the app