Dive detectives

Web app guide

Using the web app

Dive detectives can be a multi-player experience.

The divemaster and diver work together to plan dives and collect information.

You only have enough oxygen on board to complete 10 dives, so plan wisely!

The divemaster uses the internet browser on the tablet or computer to move the boat around the map.

The divemaster can see the underwater scene by clicking on the mask icon.

The diver uses a VR headset (if available) or a tablet to look around underwater.

How to play the diver

As the diver, your job is to look around under the water and describe what you see.

The divemaster will help you to take notes.

Pair your device

If you want to use a VR headset or tablet to see underwater, you need to link the two devices.

On the tablet or computer, open Dive Detectives.

Click Get started to see the pairing screen.

You will see a pattern on the screen.

On your tablet or phone, open the Chrome browser.

Navigate to nfb.ca/os

Copy the pattern that you see on the pairing screen.

If you are using a headset like a Google Cardboard, choose “VR”. You can now place the phone inside the headset. If you are using a tablet, choose “360”.


Talk to the divemaster. What’s your mission for this dive?

Choose which species you are searching for, and where to go.

When you are ready to go underwater, let the divemaster know that you want to Dive in.

If you’re in a VR headset, turn your head to look around.

If you’re using a tablet, hold the device and turn it to change your view.

Don’t forget to share what you see with the divemaster.

Scan a tagged animal

If you find a scanned animal, look at it or touch it on the tablet.

A circle will be drawn on your screen. Wait until the circle is closed.

Information about the tagged animal will appear on the screen.

How to play the divemaster

As the divemaster, your job is to set up the dives, to check the Field Guide, and to add notes to the dive log.

Open the Field Guide

In the introduction to the experience, click to open the Field Guide in a new tab.

The Field Guide has pictures and descriptions of species and habitats that you could see under the water.

Keep the Field Guide open throughout the experience to use as a reference.

Use the clues

Which species are you looking for?

When your crew has made a decision click on the animal icon at the bottom.

The gauges below the map will show clues to help your team find the animal.


Click or tap on the map to move your boat.

The gauges at the bottom of the map will update to show you:

  • Depth at the sea bottom

  • Biodiversity in the region

  • Chlorophyll level in the water

Click or tap the screen to move the boat to a new location.

Click or tap START DIVE to send the diver down into the water.

When you’re finished observing under the water, click or tap END DIVE.

Now you’re ready to move to a new location!

Write in the dive log

If you are using Ocean School with Google Classroom™, the Dive log inside the experience will save to Google Drive.

If you do not have Google Classroom, you can use the CSV copy of the Dive log. It will download when you click "Go to activity" at the end of the game.

The dive log is located on the right side of the screen.

Click the clipboard icon to open it.

A new page will be added for every dive.

Use the dropdown menu to change pages.

The left side of the dive log is for your observations.

Ask the diver what they see under the water, and write your notes in the boxes.

When the diver scans a tagged animal, record the data for that animal on the right side of your dive log.

Dive detectives - Lesson

For more information on using the app, read the Dive detectives - Lesson.