Bay watch

Web app guide

Using the web app

The experimenter uses the internet browser to change variables and collect data. They can control two variables: the level of nutrients added to the agricultural farm, and the number of oyster platforms in the bay.

The diver uses the VR headset (if available) to monitor the changes that take place underwater as the experimenter manipulates the variables. The underwater scene can also be viewed directly in the web browser.

A. Drag the slider to change the amount of nutrients the farmer uses on the farm.

As the farmer applies more fertilizer, more cattle and wheat will appear on the farm. The surface of the water will become murky, and the ulva will grow underwater.

B. Use the - and + buttons to change the number of oyster platforms in the bay.

As the aquaculture farmer adds oyster platforms, they will appear in the bay. Oyster platforms will cause shading underwater, and eelgrass will begin to die.

C. Click the eyedropper to add a sample to the data collection spreadsheet.

D. Click the goggles to view the underwater environment.

E. When the Crew is finished, click “I’m done collecting” to exit the app.

Students should collect at least 6 data points. The data is added to a spreadsheet in their Drive.

Bay watch - Lesson

For more information on how to use this app, read the Bay watch - Lesson.