Interactive experiences


Take the plunge! Students pilot the ROPOS in their very own underwater adventure. Working together as a team, student groups will fly the ROPOS through a virtual environment, gathering deep-sea samples and data along the way. Explore further! Gather more!

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Bay watch

During this interactive experience, students will explore how changes to certain variables impact the health of eelgrass in Malpeque Bay, and therefore the survival of other species in the habitat. Students will use the data they collect during the experience to create data visualizations, then share their work with friends and classmates.

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Where's Whaledo

You’ve never watched a whale this closely! Invite a virtual Right Whale into your room, built to an amazing scale… Reach out and discover every detail of this mighty mammal in augmented reality, all the way from its blowhole to its flukes!

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Anatomy of a cod

Sharpen your virtual knives! During this interactive experience, students will dissect a cod, discovering its deeper anatomy and the secrets of its health.

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Dive detectives

Take the plunge! Collaborate in a virtual scavenger hunt to discover information about different species who frequent Cocos Island and why the seamount habitat matters to them.

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