Educational resources

Module Guides

Learn about the content, interactives and curriculum links for each module.

For descriptions of all the modules, read the overview of the Module guides.

Evolving Ecosystems module guide
Healthy Habitats module guide
Protecting Populations module guide
Marine Migration module guide

Educational approach

Assessment opportunities

Learn about the different assessment opportunities offered in Ocean School.

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Competencies and cross-cutting skills

Learn about the 21C competencies and cross-cutting skills Ocean School helps to build.

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Indigenous perspectives and content

Learn how Ocean School integrates Indigenous content and perspectives.

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Inquiry based learning

Learn about Ocean School’s inquiry-based approach.

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Take Action guide

Find out how Ocean School supports learners in applying their knowledge to make change. Read tips for how to help your students take action.

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Virtual reality in the classroom

Read our tips and good practices for using VR / AR in the classroom.

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More resources

Inquiry Tools

Read about the inquiry tools we have developed to support the skills necessary for inquiry based learning.

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Interactive experiences

Each interactive web app or mobile app from Ocean School comes with a how-to guide and lesson plan.

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Stand-alone workshops

These workshops were designed for organizations and individuals who want to use Ocean School in outreach settings.

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Resources for librarians

This page is for librarians who want to use Ocean School resources. It is designed to help get you started and provide you with support and resources for your library activities.

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