Pin Art Challenge

Summer 2020

What is Ocean School?

Ocean School is a free, inquiry-based, online learning experience for students aged 11 to 15 meant to strengthen learners’ personal connection to the ocean. We create bilingual materials for science and technology, social science, language arts, and math. Our website includes free 360° videos, virtual and augmented reality experiences, student activities, and more.

We're pleased to be sharing the Pin Art Challenge winners!

Thank you so much to everyone that submitted artwork! We were blown away by the amazing response! If you chose to share your or your child’s artwork with the NFB Education Blog, you can find those submissions here:

Winner: Digital Artwork category

Anneka, 15, from Canada

Winner: Non-Digital Artwork category

Jennifer, 16, Canada

Here are the Digital and Non-Digital Artwork finalists:

Matthew, 12, Canada

Helen, 16, Canada

Kenji, 14, Canada

Simon-Xavier, 8, Canada

We are so thankful so many youth were able to participate in this challenge and share their love for the ocean with us!